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Why Business 2 History?

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Available Workshops

A history of the American involvement in Vietnam from the start of Eisenhower presidency in 1952 to the fall of Saigon in 1975. All from the perspective of USA strategic planning.


What went wrong: strategic planning fallacies and human failures.


Visiting the World War 1 Western front. Understanding the trench warfare as a system and the great battle attack and defence as processes. 


The preview of a century to come.

Understanding risk from three different perspectives:


1. Calculated risk in mountain climbing.


2. Unknown risk: Francisco Pizzaro and the conquest of the Inca empire.


3. Risk one cannot control – Romania’s entry in World War I in 1916.  

One in climbing has no option but to observe the safety principles. Should not be the same in business?


1. Solid foundations.

2. Redundancy.

3. Distribution. 

4. Efficiency.

5. Prior knowledge.

6. Self-rescue.

7. Communication. 

At the beginning of the XIXth century, the ships of the line were the peak technological systems of the world.


What were the components of such a system? How did it function in general and especially in battle?


These and more are the subject of this workshop.

Soon to come

Slide exploration and the drive of being the first THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL! Slide Leadership styles in history THE MASK OF COMMAND Slide the cases of Portugal, Spain and Britain HOW EMPIRES START