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Presentation Design is creativity applied to a communication goal.


Image and Video support

Static design / Dynamic animation

Motion graphics

Sounds and Music

Charts and Infographics

Fonts, Colors, Spaces, Contrasts

Vector shapes


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Power Point is powerful. Take a look!

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Slide 1. integrating your business branding elements;

2. suited to the presenter’s style and intentions but always adding an extra that makes the difference;
responding to the audience characteristics (industry, organization, style, expectations, average age, gender, habits);

3. focus on the main goal of the presenter with regard the expected result;

4. eye-catching and entertaining.
Slide You already started a presentation and you are not content with the result. Or you are hard pressed to finish a presentation for a due event and you are running out of time.

Bright Slide can be the fast track mechanic for you.
We take you existing slides and make them look good in the time available.

We trim your slides, get unnecessary information out, get in new elements that help, re-position the existing elements and most importantly we bring visuals and stories into your presentation so as everything works together and with you smoothly for a successful outcome.
Slide In case you don’t want to rush for external support every time you have a presentation to deliver, Bright Slide may teach you:

1. General design principles and how to use them in your presentations;
2. Amazing Functionalities of Power Point that you did not know about, including animations, transitions, turning a ppt file in a video, making your own custom shapes, playing with text and color styles, applying photo effects, etc.;
3. How to use these functionalities to their best effect;
4. How to create and animate charts and infographics so as to make data more easily to understand by the participants;
5. General tips and tricks for using story in the presentations and for how to present.

Slide Sometimes you just struggle to draw a chart or an infographic. You’re content with the way your presentation looks like but for one core idea you want to find a way to make it powerful.

We can step in and help you this this element that is missing from your presentation.

We can make a chart to look different and vibrant and even to animate it. As for the infographics, personal creativity is the only limit.

Slide The key points that we follow in designing such a template are:

1. The incorporation of your branding elements into it so as to make it part of the branding awareness toolkit;
2. Ease of use: creating premade text or image placeholders; thus you may adapt your presentation by a simply replacing some text or image without the worry of alignment, font or disturbing the other elements of the slide;
3. Incorporation of pre-made animated charts/infographics for presentations on recurring themes, such as the quarterly data. You will just need to change the data;
4. Beautiful design that will stand out.

How does it work?

You give us your content and we design your presentation. This is how it happens:


https://filmmusic.io/song/5125-happy-clappy-castagnette License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/


Every project is custom made. That’s why, before we make you a price offer, we will need to know the outlines of what we will have to do.

When we set a price for a project, we consider the following CRITERIA:




Paid resources

Design Tools

All these tools that one can use with Power Point for awesome designing bright slides have to be used in an integrated manner so as to ensure the message of the presentation is put forward in the best possible way for the audience to understand it. It does not matter if you use just two or more of them in the same presentations as long as they work in concert and complement each other.

But using them just for the sake of visuals, without reference to the objective of the presentation might turn harmful.

These being said, what can we do with Power Point? Much more than you expect.

Static design is the type of design that you see in most presentations. Nothing moves, nothing does anything unusual. But slides with static design don’t have to be arid and boring and to follow a certain pattern, like is happening most of the time. Static design possibilities are endless, and the results can be simply beautiful and eye catching.

You just need to use the text, the shapes, the images, the spaces, the colors together, in new creative ways. In this video here you may see some examples to better understand what we mean by beautiful static design.


Power Point is a powerful tool when it comes to animation. Virtually everything can be animated in Power Point: text, characters, shapes, photos, videos. You may arrange them to enter the scene in certain ways at the moment you need them during the presentation, to behave in certain ways while on screen and to exit at your command. Isn’t it beautiful? What else can make the point of the presentation better? This is what we mean when we say that a presentation comes to live.

What if your presentation starts to look more like a movie? Just imagine that your most important slide wants to underline the importance of a new piece of technology and you need something to bring this point home. What about a film like background with data flowing on top of which you just place your own information? Wouldn’t this draw the attention and will be remembered by the audience?

One may create or embed motion graphics in Power Point presentations.

By the way, motion graphics are pieces of animation or digital footage which create the illusion of motion or rotation. You can make them play continuously on the screen as much as you need to make your point to the participants. 

You can’t deny that 3D Pixar characters are awesome to watch. What if I tell you that you may use in Power Point (and even create) 3D shapes, text, objects and characters and then apply to them animations like walking across the screen? Or zooming inside a 3D building? Everything is possible and the visual impact is lasting.  


Most businesses need infographics to present their data to their clients, partners, colleagues. With Power Point these can take any form you may think of, static or dynamic. Thus, data presentation need not be boring but highly visual for easier grasp.

Although PowerPoint is not Photoshop, it is though powerful when it comes to image manipulation. Actually this is what Power Point is made for. Images should not miss from almost any slide provided they are connected with the objective of the presentation.

Observing the design principle less is more, how you use text in your slides is paramount. In Title slides, in Agenda slides or content slides, one can use text for effect by playing with fonts, colors, size, contrasts and text animations. The results can be really impressive.

For quite some time, video is the main media tool for marketing because it’s all about visuals. Why not use video in creative ways in Power Point. This does not have to be just a video playing, although this works well when you want to illustrate something at a certain moment in your presentation. But video can be used in combination with all the other tools mentioned here for a tremendous effect.

We bet you are used to make your presentations without incorporating any sounds of music into it. But things need not be this way. Sometimes a good placed sound or song helps emphasize something in the presentation or contribute to a relaxed and positive mood of the audience. So why not use sounds and music in your presentation?

Music by audionautix.com