Bright Slide is a Presentation Design Agency. This website – brightslide.ro – belongs to the company Princeps Ideas SRL registered at Romanian Trade Registry with the number J40/527/2016, having as Single Identification Number 35431383, with headquarters in Bucharest, Romania.

What  personal data  do we collect?

Bright Slide is providing services for legal persons. Thus, we collect personal data of the representatives of our partners, legal persons.


When one checks our website, for navigation and security purposes, the IP address from which the website is accessed and the browsing history are registered for a limited period of time on our hosting server in a log file, with the use of temporary cookies. No other data is collected.


When one sends an email at the address mentioned on this website, we collect the sender email address and any other information this includes in the message. We collect this data based on our legitimate business interest to answer the questions we receive related to our products and services.


When one calls at the phone number indicated on this website,  we collect wherever information the caller wants to share with us such as name and phone number. We collect this data based on our legitimate business interest to answer the questions we receive related to our products and services.

Who we share your data  with?

The browsing data are registered for a short time on the server of the company who provides us the hosting services. This is located in Romania.


The email related information is shared with the owners of yahoo.com email platform and subject to the Yahoo Privacy Policy.


The phone related data is subject to the phone operator Privacy Policy and of the specific Romanian national legislation.


How long we retain  your data?

We retain your personal data collected through this website only as long as you have and interest in our products and services. 


When you decide not to cooperate with us, we will delete your data from our data registries.

What security measures  we apply?

All personal data collected by us is subject to privacy and we take all technical and organisational security measures necessary for their protection.

What  rights  you have?

In connection with your personal data you have the following rights:



– to ask for access to your data and ask for information regarding data processing by us;

– to ask us to correct your data;

– to ask us to delete your data;

– to require us to limit the use of your data;

– to complain to Romanian data protection authority when you consider that we breached your rights related to the processing of your data.

Our contact  information

For any issue connected with our use of your personal data, this is our contact information:





In case you consider we breached your rights regarding the way we processed your personal data, you may address to the Romanian Data Protection Authority: B-dul G-ral. Gheorghe Magheru 28-30, Sector 1, cod postal 010336, Bucuresti, Romania, dataprotection.ro, +40.318.059.211.